Mortgage Master - Our Team

We Are Mortgage Master

At Mortgage Master, we never tire of doing what is right. Our mortgage consultants have decades of combined experience in the banking industry and have assisted satisfied clients to save thousands of dollars on their home loans. They testify to our willingness to go above and beyond to help the customer.

David Baey, CEO

David has been a driving force in the Mortgage industry for almost 10 years. He started out at DBS specialising in Mortgage and rose to become Branch Business Senior Relationship Manager. He then led the Mortgage department at MoneySmart before co-founding Mortgage Master in 2019. He believes in the win-win-win-win scenario between customer, banker, bank and broker.

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Rayner Teh, COO

Rayner brings a sharp wit and an analytical mind to all his client interactions, making him one of the best mortgage brokers in the industry today. He began his career as a banker in DBS before moving to MoneySmart. As COO, Rayner ensures the business is sailing smoothly, while imparting his years of experience to the mortgage team.

Mirfak Aulia, Head of Indonesia

Mirfak is an experienced entrepreneur with over 8 years of experience building tech startups in the region including Garena/Sea, MoneySmart and Tabsquare. He also founded and exited MargaTani, an agritech supply chain startup in Indonesia.